Fashion School Interview

2pm Fashion Institute Vancouver. Foggy, chilly, cloudy – altogether unpleasant fall weather.

I’d like to begin by mentioning the immense difficulty of styling ones self for such conditions. Vancouver is known for its mild climate which one would think makes picking out an ensemble simple; unfortunately, this is incorrect. Staring blankly at my thoroughly overflowing closet, I managed to spot a few pieces that could possibly suffice for today’s interview. Those who have seen my closet know that most of it is composed of shades – black, grey, and white, for those unaware. Shades happen to be my favorite go-to item for any occasion that requires some form of added presentable nature. After searching for quite some time, I managed to find a few items that would equate to a classy casual outfit. I’m going to be completely honest, my entire inspiration stemmed from my Helmut Lang leather jacket. Not usually does it occur that I start from outerwear, but since receiving this piece, my old ways would never return. Much of the world’s population has an issue with the killing of animals for their precious and specially sought after furs. I would like to clarify that I am a supporter of Peta, but being a strongly rooted European young woman, it is only fitting that I embody my heritage. Being a European citizen has heightened my taste for luxury fashion designs that come from the homeland, which today worked out to be the classic Yves Saint Laurent t-shirt and Bloch ballerina flats. Both pieces are classic clothing items with a twist; the basic t-shirt displaying a YSL logo and a ballet flat in patent leather. Right away after picking out my shoes, it was essential to pick out a bag that would not only match, but also give a more casual flavor to the outfit at this point. Anyone who has been in my presence for the past year or so can easily say that this Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo bag is a popular member of my wardrobe. Okay, so everything’s great, but there was one essential component missing… some bottoms to complete the clothing part of my ensemble. While living in England, I happened to become quite an avid shopper at Liberty London, which to me was wonderland. On my first shopping trip to Liberty, I picked out a pair of Paige Super Skinny Black Denim trousers that to this day I still don around the streets of Vancouver.

20 minutes later, my search for a posh and presentable outfit was over. Dragging my un-made self to the bathroom vanity, I had one more thing I had to add to myself before starting the long but embarrassingly rewarding make-up process. Growing up with a father in the jewelry business is every material girl’s dream, but mine a beautiful reality. Just recently, Sydney Evan began to rule my preference for jewelery designs. Her modern but chic items immediately caught my attention; the love earrings sealed the deal for me.

Now that my materialistic tastes were satisfied, I was ready to get made-up and be on my way to learn more about possibilities for the future.

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